Financial Services

Whether you're looking to invest or to save,
to move home or ensure a comfortable retirement, Corrigans can help with financial planning that is focused on your needs.

It doesn't matter how much or how little you have available: the same principles of personal support and involvement apply whatever your current situation, whatever your long-term goals.
We are, of course, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. But we are also independent of any product provider.

Our sound financial advice begins with you, not with what is profitable or expedient to sell. More importantly, our involvement continues throughout your life, adapting and changing as you progress, take on additional responsibilities, and require different benefits.

Strength in Depth

There are five members of the Investment Committee and meetings are held at least quarterly to set out the investment strategy of the firm.  Consideration is given to the entire investment universe, sector by sector, to identify the most suitable funds for each type of client.
Risk adjusted returns are measured against the benchmark for that investment, after all charges.
A selection of suitable funds for each category of client is then agreed and documented.  These groups of funds are then used by all the Financial Advisers to ensure that as a firm we are all focused in the same area.  Advisers may select funds outside the Investment Committee agreed strategy but this has to be jusified.  So, whilst the Advisers are independent, as a firm we are confident in our strength in depth.


Unique to Corrigans, our brand new LifestageTracker facility has been designed with you and yours in mind.

How often have you wondered exactly what policy, what investment or what help you need at any given time of your life - or that of someone you care about

Simply search this facility and find examples of what could be relevant to you . . or yours.

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